A collection of Cyanotype prints of in-between places.

Below these images are cut together with photo-grams that try to recreate each scene using simple household objects. I wanted to experiment with the process of relating what we see back to the shapes and objects we know. Providing familiar objects which act like mental blueprints. Imagining what it is like to peer in-between the eyes and the brain.

Most images were taken with a Nikon Z50, using a standard NIKKOR Z 16-50mm lens. Cyanotype fabrics and base compounds applied to cotton paper were used to create the images. Each image contains one image using a digital negative and one photogram composed of household objects.

Paper and process notes
Dimensions: typically 216 mm x 279 mm.
Paper: 100% coton rag, Grana fina and Grana Grossa cold pressed.
Hydrogen peroxide and natural oxidation.
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