Visualising Data from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Plot 1

This chart uses data from selected major searches worldwide, these are plotted monthly over the past 16 years. Each search relates to a significant online search trend, ranging from past viral epidemics to political movements or simply common words. As you will see, Coronavirus overshadows them all.
The data is plotted as a frequency relative to all previous searches. All prior searches are then re-scaled to their frequency with respect to each new search term. The term being plotted is displayed on the right. Each term takes approximately 5 seconds to plot with 16 terms in total, but this can be skipped if needed using the instant option. Search terms are not case sensitive. Data was obtained from Google Trends, and individually downloaded to provide scaling:

Plot 2
Income and COVID-19

This chart provides a comparison of Average Taxable Income and COVID-19 case numbers for all NSW Postcodes.
The data comes from 3 data sets: The NSW Health release of Coronavirus cases by postcode, Table 25 of the ATO 2017/18 Taxation Statistics and a database of Australian postcode locality information maintained by Matthew Proctor.

Plot 3
COVID-19 Snapshot.

This chart applies a logarithmic scale to the 3 most common daily COVID-19 statistics: tests, cases and deaths.
The data is displayed according to country, state or territory. After each selection the shadow of the previous data set
is displayed as a line graph allowing ongoing comparison between each selection. Data was obtained from:
Using a log scale allows them to be captured on a single chart and patterns to be compared between identical and separate data sets.
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